21 of the Most Gangsta Moments ever captured!


These moments captured in modern history give us the rare pleasure of viewing new age gangsta’s in their natural habitats.

1. When your boy hooks you up


2. Straight up gangsta squirrel shank


3. Throwing signs


4. Pizza selfie


5. Super swag man


6. Banana kingpin uniting the fruit gangs


7. This rabbit straight hacking


8. Bout to make it rain with 1’s & 10’s


9. That photoshopped bling sparkle


10. Straight balling?


11.  Straight out of mums garden


12. Mmmmm corn rolls


13. Check then wreck


14. Bill Nye the ‘OG’ guy


15. Save dat money $$$$


16. Public enemy #1


17. Tokyo drift


18. Cookie Monster throwing down gang signs


19. This kid on lockdown


20. I dont even know….


21. And this gangsta Bill Gates jump.