21 Examples Kindness That Will Warm Your Heart


The constant news stream of bad things happening in the world can destroy our belief in the human race. It’s worth remembering that there are good people out there doing big and small things to make the world a better place. Kindness is all around us if we take the time to pause and see it.

1. Austin had a dream of “going fast but his family couldn’t afford a racing wheelchair. The Sunshine Foundation donated of a chair Austin now has 4 gold medals and a Canadian speed record.

2. Christians in Chicago reach out to the local gay community and apologise for the intolerance of their faith.

3. The “Meter Homie” helps a stranger with a simple act of kindness.

4. During a heat wave this anonymous local offers help to people passing by.

5. This terminally ill man enjoyed receiving and opening letters. The reddit community responded to requests for him to have a steady stream of mail.

7. A local doctor offers free medical care to his community in the after affects of Hurricane Sandy.

8. As a sign of solidarity with protesters, riot police in Thailand lay down their armour.

9. An anonymous NYPD officer gives this homeless man more than change.  He offers his socks and all-weather boots.

10. A varsity soccer team enabled their team manager, a boy with down syndrome, to play, and win.

11. Strangers give aid to a dog after it was caught in tear gas during a protest.

12. Loving and helping a life long friend.

13. Brazilian protesters surprise a general on his birthday. Their action touches his heart.

14. A man helps a homeless girl in Rio De Janeiro by offering his shoes.

15. Subway kindness, a man allowing a fellow passenger to nap on his shoulder.

16. High school kids forego expensive prom clothes and donate to the needy in their community instead.

17. During flooding in Manila in 2012 a man rescues dogs and their puppies.

18. Honest people do the right thing.

19. A brave man risks his own life to rescue a baby kangaroo during Queensland floods.

20. A dog receives care and warmth before his homeless owner.

21. Asphalt melting in the hot sun trapped this dog.  Kind passersby gave her water and helped to rescue her.