25 Architects Who Screwed Up Their One Job


Architects get paid the big bucks to come up with new and interesting ideas for the buidlings we call our homes and workplaces.  Maybe some of these architects pushed the envelope just a little too far. What were they thinking.


1 The tree house or is that the house tree?

2 Yikes, or should that be Yah Vol!!

3 Stairway to Heaven perhaps?

4 Great, after I roll my chair up the ramp I’ll just hop the last few steps.

5 This ATM takes the concept of “stretching” your money a little too far.

6 Mind the first step.

7 “Should we move this toilet?…Nah.”

8 Seriously…

9 That door looks a lot like a window

10 Innovative staircase

11 We don’t need to use the level for this window.

12 Best garage ever…

13 This is the perfect place for a power socket

14 Wheelchair access…. check!

15 It looked good on paper

16 At least when it rains this will be fun

17 One small step for man….

18 One giant leap for mankind.

19 Maybe they are chimney themed curtains?

20 Doh!

21 This is comitment

22 They forgot the door

23 This is taking social bathrooms too far

24 Save money at the gym, do your squats at the ATM

25 Someone doesn’t know how railways work