36 Of the funniest animal photobombs of all time!


There was never any doubt that some animals are smart.  But who knew that animals would join us in the 21st century and get up to speed with photobombing

1 Casual Zoo shot

2 Classic photobomb.

3 Wait for it…

4 The headline says it all

5 I’ll just stand right here.

6 “I can run too.”

7 Evil Cat

8 Horse’s have photobombing down to an art

9 This dog is trolling

10 Nom nom

11 The most elusive of photobombs

12 This one is pretty stealth

13 The pop-up bomb

14 Derpy Cat

15 Curious goat

16 Happy Seal

17 Menacing Cat

18 Kitten goofing around

19 The jumping bomb

20 The Ninja bomb

21 Behind you

22 Perfect timing

23 This Whale

24 What’s dis?

Animals, generally man’s best friend until they ruin your holiday snaps one great photobomb at a time.

25 Photogenic Emu

26 Flying Cat

27 Dawg

28 Call of the Cows

29 Funny prespective

30 That tounge

31 Is that a rock

32 Cheeky Pug

33 Red dot kitty

Distractli-animal-photobombs-42 | Distractli

34 “What about me?”

35 “Hello, this is Dog.”

36 Happy Fish