14 People Who Really Didn’t Think Things Through


A lot of problems in life are caused by not thinking before we act. Sometimes with hilarious consequences!

1. Technology & old people don’t always get along!

2. This lotion is Antibacterial, but its done something weird to this lady!

3. Grocery store employees aren’t known for their Math skills

4. Sometimes concept and reality don’t quite line up

5. Did this person think it was a dishwasher?

6. Nigloland? Best day ever!

7. DIY doesn’t always pay off

8. Worst splash guard ever!

9. Life, you only have one.

10. Happy birthday to… ohh.

11. Not quite what she intended

12. Are you smarter than a 5th Greader?

13. Multichoice…

14. This is just creepy!