28 People Who Had Photoshop Requests..And Got Epic Results


When it comes to Photoshop anything is possible. That being said you need to be very clear in what you ask for when dealing with Photoshop wizards or face the consequences.

1 Nice tank


2 Make the boobies bigger


3 A warm welcome


4 She needs to go out.


5 No need to be a Kardasian.


6 Bushy brows


7 Off to Jewpeter


8 Sweet angle


9 Accurate


10 Get away from those.


11 Look away!


12 Trumped


13 Longer legs please.


14 It’s in the mail.


15 Sweet abs bro.


16 There is always a reason.


17 Sexy pool.


18 That Ben is big.


19 Now there should be no confusion.


20 The Kardashian look.


21 The best kind of cat.


22 It always works.


23 He fits in.


24 Thats not a Giraffe neck!


25 What came first the phone or the selfie?


26 “We want a photo with Taylor Swift”.


27 The hottest attraction in Paris!


28 RUN!