10 Astounding Facts You Wouldn’t Believe


1. Dogs know what you are saying… sort of!

They listen to our speech, and try to figure out what it means!

2. Jaguars have extremely powerful jaws


These cats have such powerful jaws they attack the skull instead of the throat, piercing the brain to kill their prey.

3. Do you forget those amazing ideas you have in the shower… this product is for you!


Amazing ideas, band names, or websites, record them all on this waterproof note pad.

4. Talk about green ideas for the future


What if trees could replace street lights? Scientists are working with the enzymes found in glow in the dark jelly fish to make this a reality.

5. Sleepy Panda’s


Panda’s don’t chose where to fall asleep, they just do wherever they happen to be.

6. Natural Planetariums

eso-galaxyESO/A. Fitzsimmons

There are several places on earth that provide the optimum conditions for observing the milky way, the absence of civilisation means there is no man made light to obstruct your view.

7. Its a Liger, gawsh!


Inter special breeding is creating some weird animals!

8. Contingency plans, he’s got one!


Morgan Freeman reportedly wears expensive earrings, so that if he passes away in a remote place, they can pay for his funeral.

9. In Russia, Beer is a soda pop


Up until 2011, beer was considered to be on par with coca cola!

10. Six foot, seven foot, eight foot… what?

red-bananas_3Sweet Additions

Red bananas exist, and they taste like a creamy berry?