8 Delicious Foods From Countries Around The World


Food can be one of the most memorable aspects of traveling. Food is a large part of the adventure and their is excitement in being able to taste new foods from around the world and extend your culinary horizon. Here are some of the must have dishes in their countries of origin.

1 Pho – Vietnam


This dish is super simple made with broth, rice noodles, a few herbs and usually chicken or beef. This dish is found to be at its best in smaller street cafes and is fragrant and balanced.


2 Donuts – USA


Not really surprising that sugar and fried dough could taste so good. These delicious wheels of calories are so satisfying that you will be hooked at the first bite.


3 Italy – Pizza


Say good bye to pizza chains.
Once you have had pizza in Italy you will be left longing for the real deal forever. The best Italian is the Neapolitan. It consists of high grade flour, sea salt, 3 types of fresh tomatoes, hand rolled dough and a wood fire oven.


4 Seafood Paella – Spain


A steamy pot of paella by the ocean is exactly what you need to jump into holiday mode.
Shrimp, lobster, mussels and cuttlefish combine with white rice and various herbs, oil and salt make up this beautiful dish.

5 Fish ‘n’ chips –  Britain


This dish has been around since the 1860’s and is known as a staple of the British working class. A must have dish in many british establishments.


6 Chocolate – Mexico


What can we say. This tasty treat will taste good no matter where you are and you can never have too many excuses to eat chocolate.


7 Hamburger – Germany


The mighty hamburger tastes so good that people in the US spend over $20 billion on them every year. If you are a huge fan (Who isn’t?) then we suggest traveling to Hamburg and sinking your teeth into an origional Hamburg steak hamburger.

8 Corn – Global


This is probably one of the best foods you can have anywhere in the world. It is prepared in many different cultural ways that it will always taste a little different no matter where in the world you are.