The 12 best holiday destinations when you’re on a budget


From Eastern Europe to Southeast Asia, here are the 12 best places to visit on a budget … based on accomodation, travel, food and drink.

12. Sao Paulo, Brazil

pexels-photo-45917-largeGrab a pint of beer for only $1.40 … cheers!!

11. Barcelona, Spain

Only $7.40 to catch a lift across town to check out La Sagrada Familia

10. Toronto, Canada

Have a break and enjoy a coffee for $3.15

9. Antalya, Turkey

Soak up the sun and share a bottle of wine with friends from only $8.20

8. Berlin, Germany

Get the party started … rave away with a pint from $3.38

7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

pexels-photo-58603-largeNeed somewhere to stay … book a hotel for only $71.20 per person

6. Corfu, Greece

Chill out on the beach with a bottle of wine for only $12.20

5. Auckland, New Zealand

Fix your coffee craving for only $3.02

4. Cape Town, South Africa

city-road-street-buildings-largeFinish up a fun-filled day with a bottle of wine from $5.50

3. Hanoi, Vietnam

At the end of the day check into your hotel for only $58.60 per person

2. Bangkok, Thailand

Take a trip to the local temple for $4.20 by taxi

1. Budapest, Hungary

Keep yourself going with a $1.80 cup of coffee